Laptop and Notebook Computer Batteries

Laptop and Notebook Computer Batteries

There may be many reasons why laptops or notebooks don’t want to live. If there is no power source except your battery then the problem can be the battery. The battery might not be charged, or the battery might be damaged. Contrary to belief, most batteries cannot be overcharged because the charger automatically turns off when the battery is full. In most cases, if you run your laptop or notebook from the AC adapter used to charge your computer, the battery must not be “overloaded or dry out.” There are times when the charger does not operate properly. Sometimes, the charger won’t turn off automatically. If for some reason the battery cannot charge when the AC adapter is dead, then something is wrong with the charger. Either way, the battery, the charger, or both may have to be replaced.

Every computer company that sells laptops and notebooks have batteries that are custom-made only for that particular computer. Unless the battery for the laptop is the same brand, year, type and size, the battery will not fit. If the battery is not fitted then there is no power source for the laptop to work. (Most laptops or notebooks work through an AC adapter that actually functions as a battery charger).

Check And See If The Battery Is Charged When You are Buying a New Laptop

When someone buys a laptop or notebook, the first thing everyone does is make sure that the computer is functioning. People will plug the AC adapter into the computer and then into a power outlet. After the computer works, the next thing to do is to see if the battery is charged. To check if the battery is charged look on the bottom left corner of the taskbar and look for an icon that looks like a battery with a plug on it. If the icon is fully charged you will see that it is filled in completely. If the battery is not fully charged, then the icon is going to show the amount the battery is charged. (It might be half-way full or three-quarter full, depending on how much the battery is charged). Another way you can check and see if the battery is charged is by using the pointer. Put the pointer on the icon and the charge will display a number and percentage. (100%)

New laptops are usually equipped with batteries that are at least half charged or more. There are times when a battery may not have power, it depends on how long the battery has no charge. A new battery can last a long time with a single charge. However, always check to see if the battery is charged. If the battery is not charged, plug the AC adapter into the computer and then into the power outlet in the wall. Once the computer is plugged in through the AC adapter the computer should work even if the battery is not charged. The battery should show that it is being charged. Double check by looking at the battery icon on the taskbar. The filler in the battery icon should be going up and down indicating that the battery is being charged.

Battery Is One Of Laptop’s Parts Is Mad Durable

The hardware on most laptops and notebooks is made durable, especially batteries. Providing if there is no accident or abuse, the battery is one part of the computer that will outlive most of the other components in the computer. If something goes wrong with the battery or other hardware on your computer, get help at your neighbor’s computer shop. If you have access to a functioning computer, look for help on the internet. If you need other computer parts, the best place to look is online. Most of the cheap computer components online.