Do I Really Need PC Internet Security?

Do I Really Need PC Internet Security?

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It is difficult to get away from computers as they are all around us and play a huge role in most people’s lives, unless you are living in an underdeveloped country in the third world. Just because you may not actually own a computer does not mean your life is not being affected by computer technology.

This is where the term “cyber-security” or PC internet security comes into play. There is an increasing need for you to protect private and personal information from a new criminal element that thrives on using technology to commit crimes against both individuals and corporations. Rather than physically breaking into your home or bank account, they are using computers and technology, especially the Internet to reach out and attack you.

Not all threats coming from the Internet are created equal, nor do they affect or attack you or indirectly, your computer, in the same way. Sporting names such as “malware”, “spyware” “virus” and “worms”, these cyber terrorists often consist of no more than strings of binary code that have the potential to erase the contents of your entire computer hard drive or send private and personal information such as bank account and credit card information and security passwords directly to their creator, without your knowledge. One day you wake up to find that you entire bank account has been cleaned out!

So how to these PC Internet security threats gain access to your computer?  There are a numerous ways, but some of the most common are when you access a specific website or even opening up an infected e-mail.  These malicious codes are hidden away in unsecured areas of some programs and computer applications and once opened or downloaded, begin to take over and infect your computer system, in some case even replicating themselves and then automatically attaching to your outgoing e-mails as a way to reach and infect other people’s computer systems. Even more deadly destructive are codes known as viruses and worms that can infect and do more serious damage than simply stealing information.

Often using common sense will help to reduce some of these threats. For example never open an e-mail from someone you do not know, especially ones that have a catchy subject title and then ask you to click on an image or words in the message that will give you some kind of reward.  This simple click may in fact activate the download of a computer virus or other threat to your computer. Some reward… NOT!

Another high threat to your PC internet security is represented by people known as “hackers” who do not stop at simply damaging your computer with their dangerous computer codes, but are working hard to take control of your computer for their own personal gain, such as stealing your credit card or bank account access information. In most cases, you will not even be aware that your computer internet security has been breached until it is too late and the damage is done.

These are the kinds of threats and danger you are facing each and every time you sit down to your computer and access the Internet. This make it essential that you recognize the need for PC internet security and what types of dangers you need to be on the lookout for. Most computer systems have an operating system with basic protection, firewalls and anti-virus programs, however many people fail to even check to see if it is turned on and still operational on a regular basis.

Another serious problem is that far too many people forget the need to update their computer security software. New threats are being created each and every day!  Your present security software may not even recognize these new dangers if it has not been updated recently, at least on a weekly basis. Never purchase security software that does not have a regular updating feature as part of the price.

Only by purchasing good quality pc internet security and keeping it up to date, will you keep your valuable files and information on your computer safe from unwanted visitors, both binary and human ones.  Computer internet security is just as important as having good home security to protect you and your family in this age of computers and the Internet.

There is simply no excuse for you not to have the best PC Internet security that you can afford to buy for your computer!  Once you realize this, the next step would be to determine what you need and the kinds of computer security software that is accessible through reading Internet security software reviews and then making an educated purchasing choice.